Complaints Procedure - Martins Estates

Martins Estates Sales and Lettings Complaints Procedure

Complaints can be received in any medium face-to-face, telephone, email, letter or fax.

Initial complaints should be directed to the member of staff responsible for the particular department.

If the resolution is not obtained, this will be escalated to the Manager and in turn to the Business Owner.

All complaints received must be investigated either by the relevant staff member or their superior.

A complaint must be acknowledged within three business days and a proper investigation undertaking.

A formal written outcome of that investigation will be sent to the complainant within 15 working days of receipt of the original complaint.

In exceptional cases where the time limit needs to be extended beyond this, the complainant should be kept fully informed and an explanation provided.

A senior member of staff for a designated complaint not directly involved in the transaction will deal with the complaint if initial discussions do not produce a satisfactory outcome.

The complaint is considered resolved with the complainant indicating acceptance of our responses.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied the complaint will be escalated to Mr Martin Wilkins as the proprietor of the business  for a second investigation and he will ensure that the complaint is dealt with within 15 working days from the point at which he receives the complaint for escalation.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, a written statement expressing the findings will be sent to you. This letter will also inform the complainant of how the matter can be referred to The Property Ombudsman within 12 months of our final viewpoint at:

The Property Ombudsman
Milford House
43-55 Milford Street
01722 333306